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Ladyboy in Dubai gets fucked on the way to the hotel

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when a ladyboy in Dubai gets fucked on the road to the hotel. There are a lot of shemales and ladyboys in dubai. They think they are on vacation! But the truth is Ladyboys and Transsexuals come to Dubai to find rich guys to get their ass fucked. This young ladyboy has a date with a guy. He puts her in his car and drives to the hotel. But on the way, the guy undresses in the car and his friend films with his mobilephone. What??? Remember we are in Dubai! Are you crazy? Sais the young ladyboy in Dubai.

Then shemale undresses in turn. Guy masturbates and it makes laugh the young ladyboy who shows her big breasts. She ‘s got big silicon boobs. Now it’s time to ride this fucking cock. Friend is still filming the sex scene. There are a lot of shemale escorts in Dubai says the guy. But you are here for pleasure right?

Ladyboy is still on the way

Hey no you have to pay me says the ladyboy. She is a whore. Then she starts to ride the guy on the car. Still on the way to the Dubai’s hotel. This young ladyboy from Asia is so sexy and she’s got very big boobs. Guy is very lucky.

Shemale continues to ride, guy is still filming, driver is still driving. So, Hotel is not so far now. Burj-Al-Arab is at few hundred meters away now. Hotel with opulent suites, free buffet breakfast, 9 restaurants, 4 swimming pools and spa here in Dubai. The ladyboy will be very happy don’t you think? The will gets fucked again and again in luxury hotel room.

Remember there are a lot of shemale escorts now in dubai. They’re looking for money. They are gold diggers sluts. Enjoy the video.

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