Jessy Dubai instagram punishes her house maid

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Jessy Dubai instagram. This story was deleted from the instagram account of the beautiful tranny. And this is not an ordinary story, a conflict over the famous social network. We do not yet know what the problem was. But it seems that the Jessy’s cleaning lady searched in her instagram account and made something wrong. Watch more about Jessy Dubai here at Devilsfilm

Jessy Dubai instagram fight

Jessy catches the servant in the kitchen and starts yelling at her. She strangle her and shakes her. The servant does not agree, she is then thrown onto the bed violently. Tranny slaps violently the servant’s pussy. Grabbed by the neck and then slapped, the servant is forced to kneel. this jessy dubai whore then takes out his cock and put deep in mouth. Girl gives a deep blowjob to the shemale. Drool flows along the mouth. She’s a real whore

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Jessy is very angry and wants to punish this bitch who searched into her Instagram. This time the maid will take a real punishment, bareback sex with her boss. Tranny boss violently introduces his cock into the girl’s pussy. Shaved pussy starts to wet a lot. This pretty girl wants the torture to end but jessy is her boss and she made a mistake. She shouldn’t have entered her boss’s instagram account. But this time she will have to endure without saying anything and get her ass fucked without a condom. have to kneel and spread the buttocks well to let jessy fucks her. Fuck yeah!

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